Spa & Resorts in Vythiri

The most important tourist destination in Wayanad, near Vythiri is a natural fresh water lake nestled amidst evergreen forests and wooded slopes.

Situated in a periphery of the Sugandhagiri forest in Vythiri, Adithya Nature Resort wayanad is nestled within a lush tropical rainforest that is home to a fascinating array of flora and fauna. The weather in the area is relatively cooler than most other parts of Wayanad and combined with numerous attractions that are within easy reach and its bio-diversity, the most compelling reasons for travellers to explore the area. Additionally, the resort’s offers the curative properties of Ayurveda in its extensively stocked spa staffed by traditional physicians.

Adithya is also a delightful bundle of experiences, situated on a hill slope and comprising cottages with sloping roofs designed to merge into the lush environment and surrounded by gardens that contain fruit trees and flowering plants, elegantly furnished and equipped with the state of the art in amenities, with superlative views of the surrounding mountains and forest.

Welcomed in a lobby with superlative views of a forested slope below and mountains in the horizon, stone paved pathways wind uphill through the property, fringed by tall trees that interlace to form a canopy. The resort’s Ayurveda spa is situated nearby. The paths continue uphill, winding past a multi-cuisine restaurant, a spacious pool and a delightful play area for children, all with spectacular views and superlative service.

Through the day, nature weaves its magic, the mellifluous symphonies of birds accompanied by barking deer, a trumpeting elephant heralding its presence. Go ahead, greet a fabulous sunrise, venture into the forest, commune with nature, and when you return, soak into the pool or else step into our spa and ease your body, mind and spirit.

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